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I have had a passion for things that sparkle since I was a competitive figure skater, many years ago. I can remember the beautiful costumes that sparkled so brilliantly under the artificial lighting in the rink. Once rare, this type of adornment is seen everywhere today from the rink to the Runway. Swarovski crystals beam like no other rhinestones out there and rhinestone embellished apparel sparkles more than ever. Through the years, people have asked me many questions about my clothing. One of the big questions is why does your clothing sparkle so brilliantly? My response is, of course, that I use genuine Swarovski crystals. There are several types of rhinestones available. Austrian cut-crystal rhinestones are from Swarovski and they set the standard against which all other rhinestones are judged. They are the leaders by far for cut, clarity, color, and brilliance. The crystals are fired using a combination of natural minerals and quartz sand, and then cooled slowly to avoid inclusions. (more…) Anniversary lingerie

Rich Flanagan is the manager of, where visitors can purchase not only baby t-shirts, but also a large variety of kids t-shirts.If grownups can wear the most outrageous, funny and unique t-shirts shouldnt kids have the same rights as their parents? The answer is yes and there are plenty of websites on the Internet that offer dozens of t-shirts for kids. Ranging from AC/DC, The Simpsons to the famous The Rolling Stones, the offer is rich and we can all agree that there is a t-shirt for every child out there.The question is which websites are the best? If indeed you are interested in this subject you should start by looking at those websites that have their t-shirts divided into intuitive categories so that the visitors can find what they are looking for fast and easy. Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration by potential t-shirt buyers is that high quality websites offer plenty of images of their products so that the visitors can figure out which t-shirts are the best for their kids. (more…)

Are men fashionable?A few decades ago if you would have asked this question, the term fashionable more or less was associated to women. However with growing times the word fashionable can now be heard in mens vocabulary too. If you have a look at the Men clothing catalog you will notice that it is very large and encompasses innumerable items ranging from designer watches and leather wallets to sleek eyewear, trendy belts, comfortable socks, exciting ties and fragrance perfumes etc. Fashion Man Accessories Designer belts for men: Designer belts for men are available in distinct styles and colors and are one of the most fashionable and happening accessories. Men eye care wear: Nowadays men just cannot compromise on their eye care wear. Comfort, fit, durability and of course style all are priorities while choosing men’s eyeglass frames, contact lens and designer man sunglasses. (more…)

With today’s fashion trends, pregnant women are actually lucky with the many choices they have. For evening parties, pregnant women can easily choose the perfect maternity evening dress to wear to these occasions.No matter how large her belly is, a pregnant woman can still manage to look sexy in the right maternity evening dress. It is simply up to her to pick the right one. However, in order to make the right choice of maternity evening dress, it is essential for her to have a good look at herself and be familiar with the shape of her body. Pregnant or not, the basic silhouette of the body does not change. What a pregnant woman needs to do is to factor in her bump into the equation.Getting Familiar with the Body ShapeJust as when shopping for regular clothing, a pregnant woman should consider her own body shape when buying a maternity evening dress. Some dresses flatter a particular pregnant body shape, while others do not. Picking a maternity evening dress that fits well is the key to a woman looking gorgeous in that dress. (more…)

Once an accent shade, white is now a power player-with style mavens from New York to Milan breaking out head-to-toe outfits in the must-have hue. But to truly make white work, you need more than superchic designs-you also need foundation pieces that provide shape and support but are undetectable to the eye.”Just about everyone knows you shouldn’t wear black under white, but I’m surprised by how many people don’t realize that you can’t wear white under white,” says Stacy London, style expert and co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” The following are London’s picks for the top three trends-and how to wear them:• White-Hot Flirty and Flowing Fabrics. Flowing, romantic looks highlight a woman’s femininity. A sought-after style that embodies this trend is an eyelet halter top paired with white miniskirt and fun accessories for a bold, monochromatic look. (more…)

Youngsters can size up the back-to-school shopping trend in three words: Wear It Now. Teens and preteens are looking for the immediate shopping gratification of purchasing clothing they can wear right now. “A good idea for parents is to split the back-to-school budget into summer and fall shopping trips,” suggests T.J. Maxx Fashion Spokesperson Laura McDowell. “Stock up on the trends for warmer weather now and then later add the sweaters, sweatshirts and other heavier items as the weather changes.” The layered look is absolutely the top fashion statement. Start with lace camies and add dress-length shirts, deep V-neck sweaters and hoodies. You’ll be seeing up to three layers of various textures and pieces. In August and September, gals will want to start with a tank or lace camisole and build upon the layering effect with the season’s hottest new favorite-the tunic. Tunics elongate the overall ensemble, with many ranging in length from 26 to 34 inches. (more…)

Embroidered workwear can incorporate neatly sewn -in company names and company logos on the work wear. Embroidering creates a distinctive effect of its own, an effect that can enhance the brands of companies.These embroidered lettering and logos are durable, washable and can be made using the distinctive patterns, colors and lettering styles the company already uses. Sewn in embroidery is difficult to remove and so your brand will go wherever the cloth goes.The image of your company can definitely be enhanced through well-designed and executed embroidered work wear. Seen day-in-day-out, the lettering and logos can imprint your company brand into the minds of all who come to see it.Non-Sewing SolutionsWhere sewing is not the best solution as for waterproof clothes, heat transfer can be employed for lettering and logos. Permanent and washable, heat transfer is ideal for single color work.Embroidered workwear is available for catering and chefs wear, high visibility safety wear, strikingly patterned aprons, jackets and coveralls, ties and scarves, business wear and trousers, and any other kind of work or professional wear. (more…)

Prom dresses are gorgeous and glamorous, but they can also be very uncomfortable. An uncomfortable prom dress can ruin your formal evening. That’s why you should consider not only the style and beauty of your eveningwear, but also the comfort level. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. Fashion doesn’t have to ruin the most magical night of your high school life. Use the guide below to look elegant and feel great on your prom night.Prom Dresses for ComfortWhen comparing prom dresses either online or at a formal eveningwear shop, consider the material of the dress, especially for the areas of your body where it needs to give a little. Prom dresses made of stretchy material in certain areas allow you to be comfortable and flexible while still keeping in fashion. (more…)

There are few occasions that are as nerve-wracking as prom night. This is because, aside from the anxiety provoking “what ifs” the night of the prom, you have to avoid all of the potential pitfalls leading up to the prom. Whether you’re going with the date of your dreams or you’re planning to attend the prom with a group of girlfriends, there’s no getting around the issue of prom dresses. Finding the right eveningwear such a formal occasion can seem like an impossible challenge. Here, then, are answers to common questions that relate to prom dresses, homecoming dresses, and quinceanera dresses. (more…)

It is lovely to see well dressed children particularly small children who can look cute and fashionable at the same time. Babies have no say in what we dress them up in so we can be as flamboyant or simplistic as we like! Specialist shops are in abundance nowadays with prices ranging from sensible to the ridiculous. A small child has no concept of wearing designer clothes only the parent. Whether the clothes be cheap and cheerful or expensive and chic, babies and toddlers will still make a mess while eating, crawling and generally doing things small children do!No matter how much or how little you spend, clothes still need to be practical. For anyone who has had the pleasure of dressing a wriggling baby or toddler, the buttons and zips definitely need to be in the right places. Time is limited when dressing or undressing your child so fiddly buttons and badly positioned zips and ties are a definite no no! Easy access via poppers especially in babys trousers is an excellent invention. (more…)

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