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The Harley-Davidson line of baby and childrens clothing includes items ranging from newborn booties to motorcycle jackets, and clothing for virtually any occasion. Available accessories include items such as head wraps, lunch totes, wallets, backpacks, and diaper bags. What sets these products apart, aside from the licensed brand name, is their quality and attention to detail. Many clothing items are 100% cotton or soft velour and offer a comfortable fit. Common detail elements include embroidered or woven patches featuring the Harley Bar and Shield logo or other Harley designs. Many of the newborn and infants outfits also come complete with a headband (for girls), hat, or doo rag cap.The Harley-Davidson line of toys, furniture, and dcor accessories includes items such as rockers, toy storage boxes, stools, and growth charts. Many parents these days are searching for unique products that break away from the common animal and flower themes so prevalent in baby dcor. (more…)

It is not a secret now that the demand for organic cotton clothing is rising quickly. People are willing to buy more natural clothing to themselves to prevent from harmful chemicals that are used at several textile processes.However, there are also some clever people who are trying to make more money on using this weakness of people. I mean how will you trust that the t-shirt you purchased is really organic? There are 3 common usages of organic cotton.a) You use the normal/conventional cotton and claim that it was organic. If people believes you then you will make %30 more profit with the exact same garments. So please carefully check the labels of the clothing before you buy and also try to buy from big brands!b) You get the organic cotton. (more…)

The Plus size fashion industry is going well. Profits have been rolling in for retailers catering to plus size persons. This is because Americas adults are growing not only in number but also in size. The average size is in fact already nearing the plus size, which is size 14. Moreover, customers pay more for plus sizes because they go on sale less often.More existing clothing lines have added larger sizes to their racks. Some of which are Wal-mart, K-mart and Old Navy.Retailers have recognized that for the past years there have been few clothing lines that cater to the larger people. The additional sizes have been great for the retailers because of the increased profit. The plus size business is doing well.Many shops like Liz Clairborne Inc. launched plus size boutiques to expand their market. (more…)

Today shopping for trendy plus size clothing that fits well and looks great is easier than ever before. Clothing designers and merchants have finally discovered the huge market full figured women have to offer. We want stylish and comfortable clothing – and we are willing to pay for it.Fabric choices, slimming cuts & shimmering glamor are available to us in abundance, but how to choose the best fit and most flattering size when shopping online? Trying clothes on before we buy is not an option.But the good news is that as online shoppers, we have two very handy tools at our disposal:Sizing Charts & Refund PoliciesYou will find plenty of websites online specializing in ladies plus size fashions. Before adding anything to your shopping cart (also called shopping bag or basket), check out the sizing chart on site. You will usually find this linked to in the same spot where you choose the size, quantity and color of the item to add to your shopping cart. (more…)

The online army surplus shops provide us with complete information about a wide range of Army Surplus products, like Army Surplus clothing, various Camping Equipments and other Army Surplus and also the Military Surplus goods. It even gives detailed information about various accessories that includes Army Surplus Trousers, Jackets, Headwear and Footwear including Badges and Lanyards. They also have products of some the largest brand names such as Gelert and Camelbak, which sell Army Surplus goods. More or less any item that is related to army, military requirements can be found by referring to these sites but in case in case any item is not missing, the customer can order online. It will definitely source the desired products. This is one of the most popular sites for military products in UK.This site basically helps in the retail of the products launched by Army Surplus shops. (more…)

Every season brings along with is different styles and trends. The same of course applies within the plus size clothing scene! So what should curvy women choose this summer to look their best? This article is a quick guide for curvy women to the plus size clothing they should opt for this summer.The summer season is finally back with us. The heat is on ladies! Besides the lovely weather that this sunny season brings along with it, summer also brings with is many fashionable opportunities; as we see more vibrant colors and fun styles that we can mix and match with, even in the plus size clothing scene.Summer is definitely the season where any lady can create a sizzling look. Though what are the items, patterns and colors that are in fashion in the plus size clothing world this summer season? This article will guide you to which items to choose and what styles to go for, to create your hot plus size clothing style. (more…)

BIRMINGHAM — Cloggs.co.uk, a leading online footwear retailer, may have a successful summer with FitFlop but now that they winter weather has set in, Cloggs.co.uk are looking for another brand to secure similar success for this Winter.

Hunter Boots, seem to be the answer. The wellingtons, which have the coveted Royal Seal of Approval, are of superior production quality to other wellingtons on the market. The Hunter brand has also received excellent promotion during the festival season, with several celebrities spotted wearing hunter wellies, including Blur vocalist Alex James. (more…)

Sweaters are highly visible clothing worn over other clothes, and embroidered sweaters are ideal for conveying your message. This message can be a company brand or the simple statement that the wearer is a dedicated fan of the England Rugby team.The Sweater is a Catchall for Different StylesTraditionally made from wool, sweaters were cold weather wear. These days, sweaters are also made from cotton, synthetics and blends. They are pulled over other items of dress, such as shirts and tops, and are also known as pullovers.Covering the torso and arms, sweaters were ideal for sports played in cold environments, such as ice hockey, or for games during cold seasons.Sweaters come in different styles – turtle neck, v-neck, crew neck; waistlines at varying heights; varying sleeve lengths; and differently styled hems. (more…)

There are a good many things in this world that people rarely think about. One of those things is clothing stores. For the most part we give very little thought to a store unless we happen to need something from inside. This is why it can be so hard to think about clothing stores or the items that they carry unless they have something that we need. The fact is that clothing stores do have one of the basic needs of life and that is clothing because without it we could be arrested for running around nude to say the least. So why should we think about a clothing store, well that much is simple, because we all need clothing and that is the place to get it.The clothing store has been around for a long time. Long ago people were still in need of clothes in one form or another and just like today not everyone knew how to make them. (more…)

Are you tired of using those same designer t-shirt available in the market. Why not try for something different, like designing your t-shirt the way you want. Yes you can design your own t-shirt with the help of t-shirt transfer.T Shirt Transfer allows you to design your own t shirt using the free printable t shirt transfer. T Shirt transfer gives you an opportunity to design your clothing with your own creativity just by using the iron on t-shirt transfer. You can not only print images and designs, but also slogans, sayings, and many other things which you can easily get printed or designed on your clothing. Some examples of printable transfers are:-Cartoon characters – Looney tunes – Christmas greetings- Halloween images- Sports – Angel themes – Sayings and slogans – Wildlife imprints. You can print the transfers using: 1. (more…)

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